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Trekking Huaraz - 13 day trekking Huayhuash

Cordillera Blanca

For the real enthousiastic trekker, the trek of Huayhuash.

An unbelievable beautiful trek between some of the biggest mountains of the world.

Day 1 Huaraz Cuartelwain
We leave Huaraz to the south Callejon de Huaylas until the beginning of La Quebrada Carpa Pachacoto where we enter the east part. Within this gorge you could observe the mineral water of Pumapampa, The eye of water from Pumashimi and the plants of Puya Raymondi. We arrive the pass of Huarapasca (4780 mtr) and continue appreciate the parts of Cordilla Blanca, Cordilla Huayhuash and Cordilla Huallanca. We cross the pass of Yanashallash (4680).Over here we go down until the place Huallanca (3540) and when we reach the river San Juan we go up to the pass Cuncush (4750) where we finally going down to our base camp at 4100 mtr.
Day 2 Cuartelwain- Lagoon Mitucocha
We begin our trek today slowly until the pass Cacanan (4700), where we go down appreciating the panorama of the Cordila Huayhuash until our camp base near the snowy Mitucocha (4250 mtr) with a beautiful sight to the Hirishanca chico, Hirishanca grande and Rondoy.
Day 3 Lagoon Mitucocha - Lagoon Carhuacocha
We let us lead by the gorge and go up to the pass of Carhuac (4650), over here we get sight of the snowy mountains Yerupaja, Siula and Carnicero. We go down until we reach the lagoon Carhuacocha (4138) where we make our base camp.
Day 4 Lagoon Carhuacocha - Carnicero
We go up for the gorge Atocshaico, during our trek we could see a large amount of vicuas. Continuing for the pass Carnicero (4600) until the camp base with the same name.
Day 5 Carnicero - Lagoon Vicongo
We go up for the entrance of the Huaycash( 4750) with looks at the snow tops of Trapecio and Jurao. At the pass we can see the snow tops of Leonhuacana, Quesillojanca and the Cordilla Raura. This pass separates the departments of Lima and Huanuco. We continue walking to the lagoon Viconga (4407) to our base camp.
Day 6 Lagoon Viconga - Huanacpatay
We go up until the pass Cuyoc (5000 mtr) the most highest attitude of all the circuit entering the snow of Cuyoc and Puscanturpa. We continue walking for the gorge Huanacpatay where we have our camp base.
Day 7 Huanacpatay - Huatiac
We walk to the farm of Auquimarca where the still make very tasteful cheese. Walk further for the place Huayllapa continue trekking up until we arrive at our camp base Huatiac (4190 mtr).
Day 8 HuayhuashHuatiac - Cashpapampa
We go up to the pass Tapush (4800 mtr) whose pass separates the departments of Huanuca and Ancash. Over here we go down to our camp base with a beautiful view at the snowy Rajucollota or better known as the dumbfounded devil (5223 mtr). We have kept this route short for offering the option to those you want to go up this mountain.
Day 9 Cashpampa - Jahuacocha
We slowly go up until the pass Yaucha (4800). Over here we go down way to the gorge Huacrish until the lagoon of Jahuacocha (4066).
  Over here we have a beautiful panorama with a sight at the snow peaks of Jirishanca, Yerupaja and Rondoy. Huayhuash
Day 10 Jahuacocha
Free day.
Day 11 Jahuacocha - Llamac
This day we pass the ultimate pass of the circuit, further to the village of Llamac (3300 mtr).
Day 12 Llamac - Coney
We go down at the coast of the river Llamac until we arrive the intersection of the river Pacllon where the gorge constriction have made a warm climate throughout all the journey until the river Ainin, arriving our last base camp at Coney.
Day 13 Coney - Chiquian
After a walk down way of 2 to 3 hours we arrive at the village of Chiquian (3400) where we wait for our bus to Huaraz.
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  • Private bus;
  • Guide, Cooke, helpers, porters;
  • Emergency horse;
  • Tents for cooking, dining;
  • Toilet tents;
  • Two person sleeping tents;
  • Oxygen;
  • Breakfast, lunches, and dinners;

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